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Industrial storage tank solutions

and custom built pump enclosures

AVI has extensive experience in manufacturing pump enclosures that range in size from very small to very large.  We can manufacture to any given specification and take particular note of the level of water tightness required.  Where required, we use a multi-stage paint process to ensure longevity of finish, able to withstand extended periods of exposure to wide-ranging weather conditions.

Our assembly team are experienced in sending out ready-for-line enclosures fitted as required with the appropriate seals, acoustic solutions, anti-vibration mounts or any other components as required.

Metal Enclosure
Metal Tanks

fully welded construction

combined with leak and pressure testing

AVi understand the need for quality workmanship to ensure tanks are capable of withstanding the high pressures of their purpose over the lifetime of their use.  Our experience of fully welded construction combined with leak and pressure testing to ensure consistent quality has been valued by customers working in a range of industry sectors on tanks of varying capacities.

If you are interested in talking to us about the manufacturing of your pump enclosures or tanks, please get in contact as we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements.  



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