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AVi partners with Purge 360 to develop a UVC Room Sanitiser

The Purge 360 UVC Room Sanitiser is a newly developed product which is scientifically proven to be a highly effective tool for fighting bacteria, viruses, or other microorganism that can cause disease in enclosed areas. The product uses technology and UVC light of wavelength 254nm which is highly effective at neutralising the threat from microorganisms by disrupting the DNA of the cell, preventing it from performing vital functions, including reproduction, rendering the virus harmless.   AV Innovate have played a substantial role in developing the product from initial concept, design and prototyping, right through to manufacture and delivery. The team’s depth of knowledge and passion for their work has shown through at every stage. The complete in-house nature of AVi has allowed for rapid prototyping and testing of ideas, allowing designs to go from a CAD drawing to a tangible product ready for trials in no time at all.   The product utilises six 30 watt UVC tubes to provide 360° surface sterilisation without the need for harsh chemicals and with the minimum of human interaction. The unit features a three position timer to allow the user to select the appropriate sanitisation time for the area. Four motion sensors prevent the unit from operating with people in the room.   Purge 360 Sanitisers are ideal for almost any enclosed area, however, the main benefits of the product shows through in commercial environments or communal areas. Waiting rooms, cafes, restaurants and shared spaces can be sanitised in a fraction of the time of conventional methods and without the use of toxic cleaning products. Downtime is significantly reduced as the room can be used immediately after sanitisation, unlike methods such as fogging where the room needs a certain time period for chemicals to dissipate.  


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